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Hello dears.

I got an email from the contest directors for the Amateur Nude Calendar.

"Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some people (including some Contestants - and you know who you are) have found ways to vote more often than the rules allow. The following is plainly stated on the Amateur Nude Calendar web site:
'1 VOTE PER PERSON PER WEEK: You are allowed to vote 1 TIME EVERY 7 DAYS! You CANNOT vote again until your 7 day time limit has passed.  If you return to the web site and attempt to vote prior to that 7 day period, you will see the "No members available for you to rate" screen and will continue to see that screen until your 7 days have passed.  1 Voter = 1 Vote every 7 days!'
We already have in place a system that blocks computers by IP address for a 7-day time period.  In addition, effective immediately we have implemented a new system that can also track votes from cell phone browsers via cellular providers, iPads, etc. and logs each incoming vote.  We can now detect if someone is using a cell phone to vote, and if they are attempting to vote more often than the allowed once per week.
To recap: When you vote, PLEASE RATE ALL 22 CONTESTANTS!  Going straight to [one] profile, rating [it], and not rating any of the other Contestants defeats the entire purpose of the Contest. If all of you gave [one person] "10's" and don't score anybody else, or gave [one person] a "10" and the others a "1" - all you are doing is canceling each other out.
'If it is determined that you have attempted to cast multiple votes for the same Contestant prior to the end of the 7 day lock-out period, that Contestant may be subject to DISQUALIFICATION! We are taking every step necessary to make sure this Competition runs smoothly and fairly. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated - trying to pad the scores of any Contestant is unfair to the other Entrants.'"

So I ask you again to please vote fairly. There is new system in place which requires you to register and have a valid email address. If you have voted back when I put up the first announcement, note that you can vote again EVERY 7 DAYS.

Here's the link again:…

Thank you again for all your support and votes. I appreciate it. :)


PS: If you'd like to take a trip this October, note that you are welcome to join us in the Dominican Republic in October for the finals. It's a clothing optional resort. ;)
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